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Gwen Thomas

In a typical day, Gwen Thomas goes from working with our nation's youth, stressing the importance of being prepared for college and the benefits of funding college with scholarships to meeting with politicians, corporations, entertainers and clergy, discussing strategies for improving the Urban Agenda economically and socially, with an overall goal of bridging the gaps in healthcare, education, business, and financial disparities.  Simply put, make inroads to improving the extrinsic value of the African American community.  Thomas is President and CEO of Gwen Thomas PR, INC. and her non-profit, Fresh Perspectives Seminars.


Taught by some of the most successful entrepreneurs of their time, John E. Johnson(Ebony, Founder) and Edward Gardner (Soft Sheen, founder), Gwen Thomas founded Promotions Unlimited 2000, Inc. in 1988 a national promotional marketing company, where she ran the company for 25 years, managing models, actors and musicians, corporate marketing, events, and public relations for Fortune 500 companies like P&G, Coca-Cola, General Motors, Chrysler, Anheuser Bush, AT&T, Pepsi & Home Depot, Heinz and a host more throughout North America until December 2012.   According to Ms. Thomas, “the highlight and pinnacle of my career came after trying for 13 years to get a contract with the largest trade show in the world.  I was the first African American to be awarded a contract with General Motors for the North American International Auto Show”.  Promotions Unlimited staffed and trained 40  brand specialists on 9 brands and managed more than 12 U.S. auto shows on the 2006-2007 tours.  In addition, she trained more than 100 brand specialists and employees on the OnStar navigation system for GM.


In May of 2013, Gwen Thomas, established Gwen Thomas PR., Inc. The company will continue with branding individuals, corporations and managing marketing and special event projects. Public Relations along with full-service production has "In addition, we will vertically integrate the full scope of the marketing services we have provided for the last 25 years, include digital marketing and sponsorship management”.


Fresh Perspectives Seminars is a fairly new venture for Gwen Thomas. She facilitates seminars and workshops for schools, business and the best practices in civil rights and diversity. Ms. Thomas has been contracted with UNCF, Coke, Comerica, Chase, and New York Life to speak with students and families on college readiness, closing the gap on educational disparities and securing scholarships.  Thomas has assisted students to obtain more than $600,000.00 in scholarships. 


Gwen Thomas received her undergraduate degree in Political Science and Communications from Oakland University studied law at Cooley Law School and received her MBA at the University of Phoenix. She has served on numerous boards and involved in numerous initiatives.


Ms. Thomas has been featured in several publications, on radio and television news features.


Ms. Thomas has received numerous awards and honors in the marketing and media industry as well as awards for her philanthropy work with youth, women in domestic violence and education across the globe.


 Gwen Thomas is a sought after speaker and moderator for local and national organizations. She split her time between Washington, DC, and Detroit.





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